We’re Top Knot Kitchen (or TKK for short). We make salads for everyone. Or, everyone who loves a perfect mix of convenience, health, satisfaction, and value. Which, like, is there anyone who doesn’t love all those things?

Whitney, our founder, has had a lifelong love affair with feeding people good things. She officially started putting down roots in 2018, after weeks of making crave-worthy salads for friends and neighbors. And just like all good things, the buzz spread.

At TKK, we make the kind of food you’d love to make yourself if you had time to research recipes, chop, roast, marinate, and marry meticulously chosen ingredients into insane flavor combinations. When we say homemade, small-batch dressing, we’re squeezing the lemons and peeling the fresh garlic. When we say local ingredients, we are hand-picking the most adorable micro-greens from local farmers’ markets. When we say, you’re going to look forward to the surprise flavors each week, we mean you might DM us in the middle of the night because you just HAVE to know what was in that roasted chickpea seasoning.

We believe fresh, fabulous food should be for everyone, especially for those of us who are busy hustling.

Let us take a meal off your plate, by bringing one right to your door.

Ingredients We Use:

We exclusively use real-food ingredients and high quality oils. In our experience, sticking to a diet of pure ingredients prepared in interesting ways can make your body feel nearly perfect. We delight in creatively accommodating a range of eating styles. Plants have the power to nourish and satisfy even the most decadent cravings. Our vegan options are never our regular salad minus the meat. Each week we hand craft a plant-based option that rivals the meat version. Our marinated mushrooms have been known to convert even the most fungus phobic, and our dairy-free coconut-based baja sauce will have you begging for it by the bottle.